April Hair Challenge: Done & Dusted

April Hair Challenge: Done & Dusted

Whoop whoop! This week was the final week of my ‘change it up’ hair challenge for the month of April. I can happily say I’ve tried some new styles, remembered some old goodies from days gone by (pre kids days!) and have taken five minutes each morning to actually consider how I would do my hair for that day. I’ve learned to look at my hair as an accessory to any outfit…and while the mum ponytail still has its place in my life, I can happily and easily change it up throughout the week too 🙂 

Reclaiming pretty hair? Why yes I am!

This weeks styles…

 A super easy loop that was a fresh twist on a low bun:

A fishtail braid (or mermaid braid as I heard it called this week…so much prettier!):

A simple pony half pulled through with a leather look bow underneath (this added some good oomph to my fine hair too😊: 
And running with the frizz…simple pinned back bangs…embracing the crazy volume lol:


In snapping these pics this month I’ve noticed something sad…I only ever wear the a SAME pair of earrings! Yes they are diamonds, but how boring! Surely I can add some variety into my earring-life…mission accepted! May…officially earring month for me!

Alasha x 


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