Review: Australis Go Long Lipstick

Review: Australis Go Long Lipstick

Ive become a real fan of Australis products, they seem to offer real value for money, and their Go Long long wear lipstick range is no exception. With a creamy texture, yet very slightly matte appearance they are a great option for a long lasting lipstick. Now, they do not have the staying power and longevity of the LipVelour range, but they are a great alternative for those who aren’t fans of the extreme matte look lip colour. I have a few of these lipsticks and my intention is to keep adding to my collection. The below pics were taken after only one application of the shade ‘Uber Cool’. On an average day, I would definitely reapply once around lunchtime.  If you’re after a nice lippy, with a nice price tag, check them out!

 And a belated Happy Mothers Day to all those Pretty Little Mamas out there. My husband and boys did very well this year and I had a lovely day, I hope you did too! 



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