Long Necklaces and Little Ones

Long Necklaces and Little Ones

Over the past few weeks I’ve been wearing these long necklaces and often layering them for effect. They look great and really add something extra to an otherwise plain outfit. As far as wearing them in Mummy-land goes, it’s been a relative success. None have broken, despite the odd snag on things…including my sons ears and getting looped over his head during a snuggle hehe! They have been entertaining for him while sitting on my lap too! I think the key is to wear them long enough that they have a little leeway and are not so easily tugged and broken, as might be the case with a mid length necklace. Either way, by picking them up cheap enough like I did at Lovisa, your assured to not be in tears if the worst happens 😉

Here’s a few examples of how I wore them, give them a go mamas, you might be pleasantly surprised 😊

Alasha x




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