When I became a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) a lot of things changed in my life. Firstly I got the most amazing gift of Motherhood, being ‘Mummy’ to two little boys is both the most rewarding and overwhelming experience I’ve ever had.  I went down to $0 income, which was a bizarre concept to someone who had always worked and earned, and therefore always bought whatever I wanted…if I’m being honest, mainly clothes, shoes and handbags! I suddenly had all the time in the world and yet no time at all, my own well-being came second, no, third, or fourth, no wait fifth after the two boys, dear husband and the dog. Anyway, you get the picture, life got real! And somewhere in all that ‘realness’ I sort of lost the former me, the pre-mummy me, the one that spent ages on hair and makeup, shopped the racks religiously every weekend, the one that bought things at full price (gasp!) Almost four years on from having my first child, I’m ready (and deserving!) of finding a bit of that ole’ girl.  Its time for me to get a bit of that ‘pretty’ back in my life of ‘boy-ness’.  Time to find a new me, which ideally will be a mix of the old in with the new…she probably won’t buy anything full price still and she definitely won’t be spending hours in front of the mirror, but she sure as hell is gonna be a bit more glam than the ‘mumsy-mum’ she currently is…join me on my journey to finding my ‘pretty’ again!


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