Boyfriend Jean SOS…DIY Mama to the Rescue!

Boyfriend Jean SOS…DIY Mama to the Rescue!

When you’re on a very limited budget, sometimes you need to get a little crafty with your ideas. No longer do I just throw something out that is a bit ‘broken’, instead I have to think about whether I can fix, upcycle or refashion it. Case in point, these boyfriend jeans…

Last year I really wanted a pair of these jeans but my budget didn’t allow for it. I was lucky enough to have a good friend who gave these to me (when she upgraded to an awesome pair of Guess boyfriend jeans). I very happily obliged to take this pair off her hands (score!!). I wore them to death…literally. The ‘cool’ ripped knee look ended up being the ‘gaping flap’ uncool look. Enter, a bit of lace, needle and thread and boom! Repaired jeans with a ‘cool’ lace patch insert 🙂 

The process was super easy and took about 30mins. Firstly I cut a square of lace purchased from Spotlight for $2.50 and lay it over the gaping whole while the jeans were inside out. I ended up using a double layer as it gave the lace a bit more sturdiness and looked less likely to rip down the track. I turned the jeans back the right way and hand sewed small stitches all the way around the patch. When finished stitching I flipped the jeans back inside out, checked my workmanship to make sure the lace was in place well enough, then trimmed the excess lace. Done! 



I’m glad I was able to ‘rescue’ these jeans. They are such an on-trend staple in my wardrobe and by patching them up I also saved a whole bunch of money…that I don’t have anyway…because this Stay At Home Mum gig doesn’t pay too well 😉

Alasha x